Due to the importance of transparency in government work, it is essential that we talk about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server and the new emails that might surface from this investigation. What I should say about them, however, is unclear, as these new emails may not have anything at all to do with Clinton.  

FBI Director James Comey contacted congressional leaders last week in a letter, letting them know that agents had discovered more emails potentially having to do with the Clinton case, which had been closed and absolved Clinton of any wrongdoing. Comey felt that he needed to update congressional leaders, since he had testified a few months ago that all emails relevant to the case had been reviewed.

When FBI investigators were searching through former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s emails for evidence that he had sent inappropriate text messages to a 15- year old, they realized that emails from a top Clinton aide, Huma Abedin were also on Weiner’s computer. Weiner is Abedin’s estranged husband.

The discovery of Abedin’s emails on Weiner’s computer renewed interest in the case among agents who had investigated the Clinton emails. On Sunday, federal investigators obtained a warrant to go through Abedin’s emails to once again determine if Clinton or her aides mishandled classified information. The DOJ and FBI are under pressure to ensure that this is completed before the Presidential election next Tuesday.

The Clinton campaign has called for more information to be released, for, at this point, all the public knows is that these emails could be pertinent to the earlier investigation into Clinton’s emails. Republican nominee, Donald Trump, on the other hand, has asserted that this “bombshell” will lift him in the polls, in which he has been trailing Clinton.

Meanwhile, the American people are waiting, with bated breath for this no good, very bad, awful election to be over.