The family of an east Texas man is demanding answers to questions surrounding the mysterious death of their loved one, Alfred Wright.

The 28-year-old was found dead late last year. A medical examiner ruled the death accidental, but a pathologist hired by the family cited severe trauma to his body. 

From CNN:

The Texas Rangers and FBI are investigating. Alfred Wright was last seen around dusk on November 7. The physical therapist was on his way to treat a patient. He had been having trouble with his pickup and pulled into CL&M Grocer, one of the few stores along an isolated stretch of Route 87.

He called his wife, Lauren, and gave her directions to the store. Because their two young sons were home sick, she called his parents, who immediately left on the hourlong drive. What happened next changed everything.

“The last time I called him, I just heard heavy breathing. He was in distress of some sort. He was not responding to anything I was saying,” Lauren Wright says.

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When Wright’s parents arrived about 20 minutes later, his truck was in the parking lot, but he was nowhere to be found. His father asked the store clerk what happened. He says she told him she was out smoking a cigarette when she saw Wright “all of a sudden put his cell phone in his sock and took off like the truck was going to blow up.”

His personal effects turned up on a nearby ranch the next day. Family members say the sheriff told them there was no foul play, and they called off the search after four days citing “exhaustion.” Wright’s body was discovered shortly after police called off the search.

He was missing two front teeth, and ear and his throat appeared to be cut. The medical examiner attributed the trauma to “animal and insect activity.”  The coroner ruled his death accidental due to a combined drug intoxication of cocaine, meth and amphetamines found in Wright’s body. Wright’s family says they never seen him do drugs. The Texas Rangers call the death “questionable,” and have called the FBI in to assist.

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