The family of a man who was fatally shot by a  member of the Chicago Police Department is seeking justice.

28-year-old Marlon Horton was shot during a confrontation with an off-duty cop at a CHA building. 

From WFLD-32:

Video from a surveillance camera in the lobby of a CHA building on the near West Side shows 28-year-old Marlon Horton in a baseball cap, the brother of Jarrod Horton.

“He was my younger brother, he was a good guy, like any younger brother,” Jarrod said.

Marlon was at the CHA building to pick up his girlfriend, but his cellphone had died. Security guards would not let him upstairs, and one of those guards was an off-duty Chicago Police Officer.

Marlon eventually leaves and then urinates on or near the officer’s SUV. He then exchanges words with the two guards, until the off duty-cop appears to initiate a scuffle. As Marlon escapes, he appears to pull out some of the female guard’s hair.

Both guards then pull out their weapons.

The verbal exchanges continue, and as Horton is moving toward the off-duty officer, the officer shoots him. Jarrod Horton’s civil rights lawsuit alleges the shooting was not justified. It identifies the off-duty cop as Kenneth F. Walker.

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After the shooting last year, a police spokesperson said the officer shot “in fear of his safety.” Police reports suggest Marlon lunged for the officer’s gun. Horton family attorney Jeffrey Granich said the video says otherwise.

“Despite the fact that the police say he was going for a weapon, he’s five feet away from a police officer who basically executes him,” Granich said.

An investigation by the Independent Police Review Authority is ongoing.

Black lives matter.

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