Charges against a Detroit father have been dropped after investigators discovered that the initial findings were erroneous. James Saltmarshall, 22, was first charged with felony murder, first-degree child abuse and first-degree criminal sexual conduct charges after his infant daughter in April. His attorney claims that facing these charges ruined Saltmarshall’s life after the death was ruled an accident with no evidence of physical trauma to the child.

“They should have never brought charges; never, ever, ever,” said Saltmarshall’s attorney Lillian Diallo, according to MLive.

“There was no evidence of sexual assault; there was no evidence of a skull fracture; there was no evidence of shaken baby syndrome; there was no evidence at all behind the charges.”

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Saltmarshall maintained his innocence the entire time during the two months between his arrest and the clarification two months later. Meanwhile, his mugshot and name were dragged through the mud and social media for committing one of the worst crimes imaginable.

“In this case there was compelling evidence from the treating doctors that there was injury to the child that was a sexual assault and later when the child died a homicide,” Maria Miller, an assistant prosecutor and spokeswoman said. “… The treating emergency medical doctors and other health professionals met with the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office and it was determined that the initial conclusion of a sexual assault and a homicide was erroneous.”

It’s not clear when the Medical Examiner’s office realized their mistake, but much of the damage to Saltmarshall’s name had already been done.


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