41-year old fired Florida officer Nouman Raja was just sentenced to a minimum of 25 years for the 2015 fatal shooting of 31-year old Corey Jones, a Black motorist. Raja is the first Florida officer in 30 years to be convicted of an on-duty shooting.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, Raja was found guilty of attempted murder and manslaughter by a Palm Beach County jury after five hours of deliberations.

Raja was investigating auto burglaries when he spotted Jones’ stalled vehicle at 3:15 a.m. Oct. 18, 2015, after Jones left a nightclub where he was performing. Jones had a concealed-weapons permit and carried a handgun to protect his music equipment. Raja, in plainclothes, drove an unmarked van the wrong way up an off ramp and stopped a few feet from Jone’s SUV.

Prosecutors say Raja never identified himself as police, and Jones thought he was being robbed or attacked. Raja had been told by his supervisor to don a police vest when approaching a civilian, but he didn’t, nor did he pull out his badge.

Defense attorney Richard Lubin said Raja “had a gun pointed at him. He didn’t make that up. The prosecution would have you think (Raja) was out hunting… somebody to kill, that this man was out there on the prowl hoping that he would kill someone.”

However, Jones’ father, Clinton Jones Sr. told reporters, “The truth will always prevail. Regardless of how many bad cops there is, the truth will always prevail. And this is what happened today: It was the truth that convicted him. It was the truth that brought him to justice. It was the truth that sent him to jail. It was the truth — that gave us justice for Corey.”

Assistant State Attorney Brian Fernandes said in his closing argument, “Corey Jones’ life was taken away. Unnecessarily, unwarranted, unlawful … reckless disregard for a human, for a person.”