Florida womens’ prison goes without water and air conditioning

A storm knocked out the water and air conditioning in Florida’s oldest women’s prison this weekend and the headaches have continued ever since. Employees and family members of inmates have come out with stories that women were forced to wash with still toiler bowl water and weren’t getting enough to drink while the damages were being repaired. 

Forrest Street Florida

Florida city votes to change streets named after Confederate leaders

Another Southern state has agreed to catch up with the times and stop celebrating people who went to war just to keep Black people in chains.

The city council of Hollywood, Fl. voted 5-2 to change the names of three streets named after Confederate leaders which just-so-happen to run through predominantly Black neighborhoods. Per usual in these instances, members of the public are outraged and are claiming it’s more about an infringement on their rights than the condemnation of their casual racism.

Florida State Attorney Angela Corey Loses Her Primary

Florida State Attorney Angela Corey has lost her reelection bid, making her the first incumbent state attorney in modern history to lose a contested election, according to The Florida Times Union. Corey was the attorney who failed to convict George Zimmerman, the man who killed Trayvon Martin. Corey also brought aggravated assault charges against Marissa Alexander for the victimless crime of firing a warning shot into the air to ward off her abusive husband.

U.S. Senate Candidate Won’t Apologize For Calling Obama “An Animal”

Some would say that Donald Trump’s presidential run has an overreaching effect on U.S. politics as a whole, inviting damaging rhetoric and hatred to be shared on the largest political stages possible. If they were looking for evidence to support their observation, they need look no further than Florida.

Carlos Beruff, a candidate for the U.S. Senate, was videotaped giving a speech where he attacked President Barack Obama’s policies and went as far as to call him “an animal” not once, but twice.