You never really get the experience of independence until you move out of your parent’s house. When you leave that house for the last time, as a grown child, you feel the gravity of self-reliance. I recently took that walk at the conclusion of my winter break and suffering, although small, has never been so benevolent. Of my suffering- feeling pressure to budget my money, or making life-changing decisions without guidance near- a new pride has emerged.

Struggling, if not a willigness to endure a struggle, to make things work is indispensible to the daylight of adulthood. By taking that step out of Mama’s house, we throw ourselves into the world purely, completely alienated from the influence of our parents. Perhaps I’m saying that the struggle of adulthood is balanced by the opportunity to freely manifest ourselves; whether that free construction plays out in the way you regulate your house, or the way you feed yourself. There’s truly no freedom like that which is closest to compete independence.


For those of you considering the exit, I’d like to affirm that regardless of the reasonable specificities, us “rebels” have a stiving that is connected to our political instinct. To put our actions in persepective, the awakening of our disruptive spirit begins with personal autonomy. In other words, prefering the safety nets of our parents over our beliefs conditions us to complacency. Of course, there are times when we need to chose our battles with our parents; equally, total independence doesn’t render us incapable of asking for assistance. However, it is important that we as people get used to stuggling for the sake of our moral/political/social instincts.