Had I known that listening to strangers talk about random things would help with my anxiety, I would have started long ago.

At the beginning of Winter Break, I was in a particularly low depressive bout and had been off medication for about three months. To avoid any potential triggers, and because generally the radio is less than satisfactory, I’d been driving around in silence. That got old quickly, so I decided to give a listen to The Read, a podcast many of my friends have loved and suggested for years despite my constant dismissal.

“Why would I just listen to people talk,” I’d always retort, “like what is the point of that?”

Although I initially became interested in the podcast as a means of distracting myself from feeling down, they’re now a regular part of my day regardless of how I feel. While I’m cooking, driving and sometimes in the shower, I listen to any of the following podcasts, which are my favorites.

What are yours?

1. The Read

My go to podcast. It’s not too heavy and doesn’t require my full attention. I usually get a good laugh, and someone who agrees with me on things that don’t really matter.


2. Microphone Check: NPR


Hosted by Ali Shaheed Muhammad of A Tribe Called Quest, this podcast features interviews of different rap and hip hop stars. My favorite interviews thus far are that of Earl Sweatshirt and Andre 3000.


3. Revision Path

Most of the podcasts I listen to are pop culture based, but this one focuses on people of color excelling as graphic designers, web designers and web developers. The weekly interview podcast is hosted by Maurice Cherry. Thus far my favorite interview is of Angelica Ross of Trans Tech Social.


4. Another Round

Easily my favorite thing about Another Round is that hosts Heaven and Tracy ask really good questions when they interview people. Easily my favorite episode is their interview of Ta-Nehisi Coates, with a very close runner up being their interview of comedian Margaret Cho.


Photo credit: Kid Fury and Crissle logo of the podcast The Read (Soundcloud)