Petition started to replace Confederate statue with sculpture of Missy Elliot

With the nationwide campaign to remove Confederate monuments growing in popularity, different strategies are coming to the forefront. Most statues are just being removed as quickly as possible with no future plans announced for the spots where they once rested. A resident of Portsmouth, Va. may have come up with a great idea.

LeVar Burton

‘Reading Rainbow’ owner sues LeVar Burton

For many of us, LeVar Burton and Reading Rainbow are one in the same. The familiar face hosted the PBS staple from 1983 to 2006 and introduced generations of children to stories they’d carry into adulthood. Today, he’s continuing that legacy with a podcast entitled LeVar Burton Reads.

While the effort is definitely commendable, it doesn’t come without its own headaches. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the broadcast network that owns the rights to Reading Rainbow filed a lawsuit against Burton for using intellectual property connected to the series on his podcast. 

‘Detroit’ and 10 other films about race that completely fail by centering the white gaze

By Law Ware

It should have worked.

In theory, a film about a city on edge that erupts into violence because of police brutality should inspire conversations and think pieces about how little things have changed in the 50 years since the incident being represented.

We could be discussing how the film shows the historical seeds of contemporary Detroit’s faltering public school system and city infrastructure. We should be discussing black victims of police violence. Instead, we have a film that caters to white viewers while it treats black pain as if it were torture porn, which some are calling the most irresponsible and dangerous movie of the year.

Nah, son.

‘Get Out’ is 2017’s most profitable movie so far

There are still big wigs in Hollywood who feel that casting anyone other than white people in films is a gamble. So the past year must have been a real shocker for them. Luke Cage broke Netflix. Girls Trip is still receiving rave reviews and killing the box office. Now, Get Out is proven to be the most profitable film of 2017 so far. 


#NoConfederate trends on Twitter following criticism of HBO’s TV show idea

Imagine if you were an HBO executive who thought you had the next big hit. You managed to get both of the show runners for one of the most popular shows in history for another lap. You even had an idea that had never been done before. Then you sent out a press release and expect people to be just as excited as you are just to find out exactly why there’s never been a show like this. IT’S NOT A GOOD IDEA.

Michael Vick thinks Colin Kaepernick should cut his hair to be more “presentable”

Sadly, Colin Kaepernick still hasn’t been added to a roster in the NFL despite there being at least a dozen quarterbacks he’s better than who already have. Many fans and onlookers, myself included, suspect it’s because NFL owners have collectively decided to blacklist him due to his protest of the National Anthem to highlight social injustice. So what’s next? Well, former NFL quarterback Michael Vick has a controversial suggestion for Kaep – cut his hair.