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Marissa Alexander remains free on bond pending a new trial regarding the firing of a warning shot over the head of her abusive husband. The case has garnered national attention, with not just Florida’s stand your ground law at the forefront, but also Alexander’s story.

The domestic violence survivor and mother of three was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2012. In September, she was granted a new trial after a judge ruled that information handed down to a jury was done so in error.

Now, Color of Change is pushing for Gov. Rick Scott to fire State Prosecutor Angela Corey, whose office announced they will seek a 60-year sentence instead of the original 20 years for Alexander’s actions. 

From Color of Change:

After receiving national attention for failing to secure murder convictions for the killers of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis, Florida State Attorney Angela Corey now wants to send Marissa Alexander — a domestic violence survivor and Black mother of three — to prison for the rest of her life.

As long as Angela Corey remains at her post, Florida’s criminal justice system will continue to fail Black folks. Please join us in calling on Governor Rick Scott to suspend Angela Corey from office and condemn the charges brought against Marissa.

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