On Monday Jan. 6, Florida State Prosecutor Angela Corey filed a motion to revoke Marissa Alexander’s release on bond as she awaits trial. Corey alleges that Alexander broke the conditions of her release by making unauthorized trips to run errands.

A significant reason for Alexander’s release is the overwhelming support from supporters and organizations advocating for her release.  The Free Marissa Now Mobilization Campaign has issued a statement in regards to the motion.

From Free Marissa Now:

 In fact, Alexander’s legal team has shown that her Correctional Service Counselor authorized every trip listed in the State’s motion. Marissa Alexander has complied with all conditions of her bond.  Corey’s office was aware of these facts but instead filed an inflammatory and misleading motion. Filing this motion is a wasteful, frivolous cost to the state and is further evidence of Corey’s abusive and baseless pursuit of Marissa Alexander.  A copy of the motion submitted by Marissa Alexander’s legal team is available at

The Free Marissa Now Mobilization Campaign condemns Prosecutor Angela Corey’s abusive harassment of Marissa Alexander.  Others serving house arrest with electronic monitoring devices have been allowed to take authorized leave to address personal and business matters.  Why is Marissa Alexander being held to a different standard than others who are in similar monitoring situations? The state’s motion is nothing more than a smear tactic to undermine Alexander’s credibility and criminalize her character in an attempt to sway public opinion before Alexander’s new trial at the end of March.  Despite knowing that all of the trips were authorized, Corey accuses Alexander of “repeatedly flout[ing]” the conditions of her bond; “demonstrat[ing] her utter disregard for conforming her behavior to the rules others must abide by”; “disrespect[ing]” the Court in “such blatant fashion.” These obviously false accusations continue to expose Angela Corey as someone who is not driven by facts, but by her own inventions. 

 Angela Corey’s strategy to stigmatize Marissa Alexander with no basis in fact is manipulative and an abuse of power and control.  Making sudden threats of incarceration creates a climate of fear and anxiety in order to intimidate Alexander, her family, and her supporters. 

 We will not be intimidated.  We stand with Marissa Alexander more than ever.  We demand that this extreme harassment by Angela Corey’s office cease immediately.  Free Marissa Now supporters will be at the upcoming hearing on Alexander’s bond release on Friday, January 10, 2014 at 9am in Jacksonville.  We will walk with Marissa Alexander every step of the way until she is fully acquitted.  We also encourage supporters everywhere to donate to her legal defense fund to ensure that her acquittal is finally won.

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Free Marissa Now Mobilization Campaign is a national grassroots campaign led by a core of organizers representing the African American/Black Women’s Cultural Alliance, New Jim Crow Movement – Jacksonville, Radical Women, INCITE!, and the Pacific Northwest Alliance to Free Marissa Alexander. For more information, see

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