Jaquarrius Holland, 18, was shot and killed in Louisiana after a verbal altercation on Feb. 19. Due to being misgendered by the media and local authorities, Holland wasn’t listed as transgender until family and friends corrected them.

Mic reports that Holland was unemployed and looking for secure housing as she often stayed with friends and moved from place to place. Chesna Littleberry was one of the friends Holland would stay with from time to time. The two met about seven months ago and quickly became friends after Holland told Littleberry she resembled K. Michelle, who Holland was a fan of.

“I’ve struggled with accepting myself and being who I am and she always helped me with that,” Littleberry said. “I want her to rest peacefully.”

Littleberry set up a GoFundMe page to help Holland’s family and repay her debt after Holland helped teach her self-acceptance. As of this writing, the campaign has met its $5,000 goal.

Holland is currently one of seven transgender women who have been killed in 2017. These numbers have always been tragic, but the rate at which they’re occurring now is terrifying and serve as proof that something needs to be done to make life safer for all.

Photo Courtesy: GoFundMe