While discussing “cultural differences” on “The Graham Norton Show,” half-woke starlet Jennifer Lawrence proved once again that the limits of White Feminism are vast. She joked, and even seemed to have a whole comedy routine ready, about her desecration of sacred rocks in Hawaii while filming one of the Hunger Games films.

When asked about the story she first shared in 2013, Lawrence chuckled with fake embarrassment before launching into the details of her cringe-worthy treatment of the cultural artifacts of the Hawaiian people whose land she occupied for the filming of her movie.

“There were sacred rocks….(mumbling) ancestors, who knows?” Lawrence shrugged. “They were sacred and you’re not supposed to sit on them because you are not supposed to expose your genitalia to them.”

She then explained how her needs were more important than preserving the sacred symbols of others. “I however was in a wet suit for this whole shoot. Oh my god, [the rocks] were so good for butt itching.”

Lawrence chuckled through the entire spiel, at one point having to pause to get through her laughter. “One rock, I was butt scratching on ended up coming loose and it was a giant boulder and rolled down the mountain and almost killed our sound guy.”

The audience really enjoyed that part.

At the end of the clip, Lawrence explains “All the Hawaiians were like ‘oh my god, it’s the curse!’ And I was like, ‘I’m your curse. I wedged it loose with my ass.'”

Apparently, she didn’t know the rocks were sacred at the time that she decided to rub her ass on them. However, it’s clear that she doesn’t take the matter seriously since every retelling of the event involves uncontrollable giddiness and a tone which suggests she learned nothing from the experience.


Some have asked that Lawrence apologize. And while it is true that an apology is in order, Lawrence would also do well to understand that saying “I’m your curse” while desecrating holy relics with your hindparts on land that has a long history of violent settler colonialism is a little more true-to-life than she may think.


Photo: Facebook screenshot