The Trayvon Martin case seems to be unfolding quickly.

Just yesterday, the BYP informed you that Zimmerman’s wife had been arrested. Now, the public will soon know what George Zimmerman said to police after he shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

Yesterday, Judge Kenneth Lester ordered that Zimmerman’s statements to police be released within two weeks.

“Judge Kenneth Lester on Tuesday issued an order granting, in part, a motion filed by several media companies — including the Orlando Sentinel — seeking to have evidence in the case released that had previously been withheld from the public.

Prosecutors argued that Zimmerman’s statements to law enforcement should remain sealed, under an exemption in Florida’s public records law that bars the release of confessions. Zimmerman admits to shooting the Miami Gardens tee, but says he did so in self-defense.

After reviewing Zimmerman’s statements, Lester concluded that they are not confessions. Zimmerman ‘does not acknowledge guilt of the essential elements of the crime. The only element conceded by the defendant is that he shot and killed the victim, but he does not concede any other elements of second-degree murder.'”

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As always, the BYP will continue to provide updates on the #TrayvonMartin case.