A verdict in the wrongful death suit regarding Michael Jackson could come as soon as next week.

Jackson’s family alleges that AEG Live controlled too much of the star’s assets and personal life.

In their suit against the company, they contend that AEG “negligently hired Conrad Murray,” ignoring Jackson’s failing health.

The damages could exceed $1 billion if AEG is found guilty.


From Reuters:


Currently, entertainment producers typically pay up-front sums running into millions of dollars to performers in exchange for being able to have greater control over some of the performers’ affairs. The lawsuit alleged that “AEG came to control much of Jackson’s life. The home Jackson lived in was provided by AEG; his finances were dependent on AEG, and his assets stood security if he failed to perform.” Those assets included The Sony/ATV music catalog owned by Jackson, which even includes iconic Beatles songs.


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Entertainment representatives argue that this type of control is what helps stars generate revenue for the company, but the Jacksons feel that AEG Live went too far.


In their suit, the family alleges that AEG Live “negligently hired cardiologist Conrad Murray as Jackson’s personal physician.” Murray was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to four years in prison in 2011.


The suit further contends that they ignored signs that the singer was in poor health.


AEG Live denies hiring Murray and has argued that Jackson struggled with addiction problems years before signing with the company.

Should AEG Live be held liable for Michael Jackson’s death?

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