“An African City” is all the things “Sex and the City” Wasn’t

“Well instead of Starbucks coffee on every corner you’ll find plenty of fried plantains.” –Ngozi, “An African City”

In 1998, “Sex and the City” kicked off the trend of shows about the complicated lives of professional women.  However, when you watch shows of professional women trying to find themselves, the cast is normally white women in the United States. Now we don’t have to imagine what television classics would have been like if they included people of color because in 2016,  “An African City” hits everything that “Sex and the City” missed.

Cee Lo Green apologizes for rape tweets




Musician Cee Lo Green apologized Tuesday night for “idiotic” tweets about rape, but didn’t actually acknowledge that he made the comments.

The apology came in response to a few questionable tweets captured by Cee Lo’s followers before being deleted.