I tried to stay above the fray. For weeks I have contemplated writing a post about a certain Internet sensation that goes by the name of Kat Stacks. With the legalization of racial profiling and xenophobia in Arizona, NBA playoffs, and financial regulation I had a slew of topics I could’ve talked about. Trust me, I’m very opinionated on all three of these issues. I’ll sum it up in three words-repeal, Lakers, and reform. Back to this Kat Stacks character or caricature I should say. Once I saw that her name trended on Twitter I knew I could no longer bite my tongue on this juicy issue(s).To put it lightly, Kat Stacks is the new age “Super Head”, except she can’t even call herself a “Video Vixen”. Let’s just say she is highly recycled groupie in the hip-hop industry. Below is “Super Head” discussing her trajectory as a “hip-hop honey”.


Although there are many women who built careers off of flaunting their sexuality or their sexual escapades with celebrities, what separates Stack from the pack is her way of getting attention. You won’t find her in any music videos or any paparazzi photos with celebrities. However, you will find her all over You Tube drunkenly berating Young Money entertainment and dishing out cell phone numbers of entertainers. She proudly claims that she slept with the whole crew: Lil’ Wayne, Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz, and Lil’ Twist (who is rumored to be 16) as if it is a noble prize. But just as she brags about her promiscuity, she begins to talk about how these rappers “aint shit”. What is troubling about this whole scenario is that Stacks seems to find solace in “outing” these celebrities because of their malevolence towards her.


Reading her biography is almost as gut wrenching and disturbing as watching  the vilest scenes in the film “Precious”. Many men have sexually, physically, and emotionally abused her. She then in turn abused herself and at times tried to commit suicide. By no means am I condoning or condemning her behavior based on her past, however I do believe it has something to do with her erratic behavior now. I couldn’t help but wonder if all of these crazy You Tube videos was some weird way for her to get back at all the men who have treated her like a toilet. Instead of turning to substances, maybe the celebrity status would be the antidote to ease the pain of years of abuse and suffering. Frankly, nobody knows what makes her tick. However, her method of becoming “famous” is very disconcerting.

In the video below she clowns the members of Young Money Entertainment for being “roommates” as if that makes them less of men. To me this looks like a poor attempt of trying to emasculate them so she could feel better about their denial of sleeping with her. Would it have made it better if they would have all admitted to indulging in her “forbidden fruit”? What is she trying to prove? At one extreme this could be construed as a woman using her sexual liberation to control men, but I think what it really shows is an insecure woman trying to find validation of her self worth through childish antics.


People become overnight celebrities for many things, but becoming one for “overnight” escapades just doesn’t sit right with me. I did not write this post to preach or portray myself as being holier than though. I wrote this post to speak to a greater societal problem that I believe is destroying the little moral fiber that we humans have left in this world. I’m not saying that Kat Stacks is necessarily a bad person. However, I do believe that she is the product of a misogynistic, patriarchal, and male dominated society that eats away at the souls and spirits of women everyday.