Officers appear in video with weapons drawn as they guard Talib Kweli, Ferguson protesters



Famed recording artist Talib Kweli is on the ground with thousands of protesters in Ferguson, Missouri who are calling for justice for slain teen Michael Brown.

The 18-year-old black unarmed youth was gunned down on Aug. 9 by police officer Darren Wilson.

Kweli alleges police are the real agitators behind the tense protests occurring in Ferguson. He said the protestors are actually being peaceful. 

Endangered: Save the Female Rappers

Just to make it clear, I don’t care for the term female rap. Hip hop is hip hop. Good music is good music. However, FEMALE rap has taken an interesting turn and in some positive aspects it remains to dominate the mainstream charts and still maintain presence. The downside is that it’s pretty much done by one woman: Nicki Minaj.