By now you’ve probably heard about all the trouble Katt Williams has been in recently.

There’s been gun charges, a burglary, and a shambolic performance in Oakland resulting in audience members actually filing a class action suit against the comedian.

Things got even weirder last Sunday in Sacramento, when Katt allegedly led police on a wild chase while riding a motorized tricycle.

Katt was caught speeding down the sidewalk at 35 mph, narrowly missing pedestrians.

From the Grio:

Sacramento police were first called to the Hyatt hotel Sunday afternoon after a complaint was received that Williams was disturbing the peace. Police arrived and decided not to file charges at this point.

Later in the day Williams went on to ride his tricycle down the L Street sidewalk and when officers tried to pull him over, he turned down a section of K street closed to traffic. The comedian just narrowly missed hitting pedestrians and continued down the blocked off street. Around 10th and L street Williams reportedly stopped his bike, took off his helmet and turned around and yelled, “I’m not going to stop!”

Williams went on to drive down Capital Street at speeds up to 35 mph when CHP called off the pursuit for safety reasons. Williams now faces the possibility of felony evasion.


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