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A few months ago, we reported on B. Scott’s experience at last year’s BET Awards. The blogger and critic was hired by the network as a red carpet correspondent for the show.

After the event, Scott wrote a blog about network executives demanding a wardrobe change and then filed a lawsuit. 

Now, leaked emails suggest that Scott’s allegations have merit. Executives not only wanted a “more manly” B. Scott on the red carpet, but instructed the star on how to “spin” the PR disaster after news of Scott’s allegations became public. 

From The Urban Daily:

The company tried to spin it, but nobody was buying their story of B. Scott running late. Now, everyone’s skepticism was proved true because an email from BET executive Stephen G. Hill saying, ““I don’t want ‘looking like a woman B Scott.’  I want tempered B Scott.”

After Scott was informed he would need to change his clothes, a producer named Stephanie Hodges sent an email admitting, “He got upset and said he was going to blow this sh*t up and call GLAAD.”


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According to The Urban Daily, in anticipation of a rising scandal, BET executive Michelle Ware wrote an email stating that “the spin should be he was late for a live show and subsequently replaced and it would have been awkward in a live show to have the person assuming his role removed and him inserted. Unless we can make public the reason we didn’t want him dressed the way he normally does, I would stay away from suits, suit selections, etc.”

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