New York City’s Commission on Human Rights has slapped Macy’s Inc. with a subpeona. The action came last week after the high-end retail chain failed to provide the commission with security policies and theft data.

From New York Daily News:

The subpoena gives Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s — both owned by Macy’s Inc. — until Dec. 10 to comply, Commissioner Patricia Gatling said. Old Navy and Banana Republic will also get subpoenas, she said.

“It is disappointing that they have not fully cooperated … and instead sought to dictate the terms and scope of our investigation,” said Gatling, whose first request was sent Nov. 13 to 17 retailers citywide.

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Macy’s and Barneys are at the center of a national scandal on racial profiling. In October, both stores came under fire, along with the NYPD for its practices and interactions with black shoppers. So far, four black shoppers have come forward alleging they were racially profiled. Two of those shoppers currently have lawsuits filed in relation to the incident.

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