Family of New York Deli Worker Shot With Officer’s Pistol Sues City

Wali Camara, a deli worker at A&M Deli Grocery in the Bronx, was shot and killed with a NYPD officer’s pistol on Aug. 9. But the person pulling the trigger wasn’t an officer. It was a panhandler that took the officer’s gun out of his holster and fired 15 rounds.

Camara’s family is now suing New York City for $20 million in a wrongful death lawsuit, according to The Grio.

Muslim NYPD Officer Threatened With Hate Crime

Aml Elsokary has been a member of the NYPD for 11 years. But when she was out of uniform with her son in Brooklyn, that didn’t matter as she was threatened on the street.

Elsokary had just dropped her son off in Brooklyn on Saturday night when he got into a confrontation with Christopher Nelson, 36. As Elsokary tried to intervene, Nelson reportedly told her “ISIS [expletive], I will cut your throat, go back to your country.”

Justice Department To Charge Cop For Eric Garner’s Death

Update: Eric Garner’s daughter, Erica, has released a statement regarding the Justice Department’s decision to switch the investigation team.

Eric Garner was killed on a street corner in New York City more than two years ago when an NYPD officer placed him in an unlawful chokehold. The investigation into the incident has been ongoing since and has barely bore any fruit.

However, the Justice Department’s recent decision to switch out the New York-based FBI investigators with a new team from Washington D.C. already appears to be changing that. 

Erica Garner Calls Out NYC Mayor de Blasio For Hypocrisy

Pretty much everyone in New York has ignored a law restricting the public release of police officer’s disciplinary records for more than 30 years. To be honest, most people probably forgot it was even on the books. However, that all changed once the police reformation activists, and even a judge, requested to get a look into the past of the officer who killed Eric Garner with a chokehold.

Video Shows NYPD Shot At Teen 16 Times As He Runs Away, Surrenders

In 2013, NYPD officers were in pursuit of Keston Charles, 15, after he reportedly aimed a BB gun at a rival teenager in Brooklyn. During the chase, which ended in front of Charles’ apartment, Officer Jonathan Rivera fired 16 shots from his weapon, three of which his Charles in the buttocks, side and chest.

Newly released video obtained by the New York Daily News shows that Charles was actually running away from Rivera when the shots were fired and had his hands up in the air, with no BB gun in sight. 

Former NYPD Cop Gets Community Service After Killing Akai Gurley

Peter Liang was a rookie NYPD officer walking the stairs of the Pink Houses in New York City. After hearing a noise, he drew his gun, pulled his trigger after being startled and the bullet ricocheted and hit Akai Gurley, 28, in the chest. Liang and his partner then debated over who should report the shot before discovering Gurley’s body.

In February, Liang was convicted on a charge of manslaughter. Yesterday, April 19, he evaded jail time completely and was sentenced to 800 hours of community service by Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Danny Chun.