Police in Texas are defending a drunk driving arrest of a man whose Breathalyzer and blood test showed zero evidence of intoxication.

Larry Davis was arrested Jan. 13, 2013 by Austin police after running a stop sign. 

From Raw Story:

Davis insisted he’d had only one drink and volunteered to provide a blood sample after testing 0.00 on a Breathalyzer – the lowest recordable blood-alcohol content level – and spent a day in jail, reported the Austin Statesman.

[…] But the arresting officer’s supervisor said he still supports the decision to arrest Davis. “If there is someone who is possibly impaired, we don’t want them driving,” said Cmdr. David Mahoney, of Austin police. “We need to get them off the road, so that was probably (the officer’s) mindset.”

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Click here to watch Davis pass the sobriety field test.

The results of Davis’ test all came back negative and now he is trying to clear his arrest record, which could take several months.

Davis’ case was dismissed last week and Travis County picked up his legal fees after he was declared indigent at the time of his arrest.

Thoughts on the incident?

Should the police have just operated off of the Breathalyzer’s results or were they right to “take extra precaution”?

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