Marissa Alexander will be granted a new trial and while this is great news for the woman sentenced to 20 years in prison, her supporters are demanding more.

Some in favor of Alexander’s freedom aren’t quite convinced that another trial will yield fair results.

Alexander was denied immunity under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” defense when she fired a warning shot over her abusive husband’s head in 2010 during an altercation.

From Colorlines:

Alexander’s sentence was overturned because of flawed jury instructions, but she still hasn’t had a bail hearing. Now, a group of supporters are organizing to stop prosecutor Corey from moving forward on the case, and they are asking the state drop the charges against Alexander.

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Alexander’s sentence was overturned due to the jury improperly following instructions.

A petition is asking that Alexander not be retried, but freed instead. It originated from the Free Marissa Mobilization Campaign and asks Florida to drop the case altogether and not refile charges against her.

Marissa has been behind bars for three years now.


Should Marissa Alexander be freed without a new trial?

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