NFL fans are preparing for what appears to be their first season without one of the sport’s most charming, yet least talkative players. Marshawn Lynch announced his retirement in as cryptic a fashion as he lived his life and now appears to be enjoying his retirement.

Among other acts of community service, Lynch headed to Haiti with former teammate Cliff Avril as well as Stephen Tulloch and Gosder Cherilus a few weeks ago to offer a helping hand in Haiti, according to the Washington Post.

“Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere,” Avril said. “For an island to have so many resources — it’s on the same island as the Dominican Republic, and people go there in a heartbeat — but right across the border, nobody wants to go there. It’s unfortunate it has a bad rep, but it’s an awesome country.”

Of course, the often tight-lipped Lynch didn’t appear to offer up a comment. But, much like his career, he let his actions speak for him.

“It’s awesome to have their support, it’s awesome to be in a situation where guys are willing to take that step with you,” Avril continued. “Marshawn wants to help actually build the school out there. There’s a lot of good guys in the NFL … It’s cool to have these guys’ support.”

Photo Source: Twitter