More outrageously racist political news.

Daniel Johnson is currently running for an open congressional seat in Michigan. He reportedly even has ties to Rep. Ron Paul.

His platform: environmental protection and white supremacy.

From the Huffington Post:

“Johnson’s website and campaign phone promote his white supremacist views. Callers have the option of either listening to Johnson’s views on ‘race and European Americans,’ the environment or to say why they oppose Johnson’s opinions on race or the environment. Johnson’s full racial platform can be heard here.

‘The white race is dying out in American and Europe,’ Johnson’s campaign phone message said. ‘In the 1960s, whites were 90 percent of this country’s population. We are now being displaced here and abroad. Why? Because the misguided policies of both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party have caused whites worldwide to be ashamed of their race and history.’

An independent blog in Michigan, sent to HuffPost via the Firsthand initiative, also indicates that Johnson has been sending robocalls on the subject of race.

Johnson also uses the campaign to propose increased environmental protection, focusing on trees and the ocean. He places blame with both Democrats and Republicans for not working on environmental issues.”


Once again, it is critical that you get out there in vote this November, so people like Daniel Johnson don’t find their way into power.

Why are people like this still given the time of day in this country?

Does Johnson have a shot?

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