Vicksburg, Mississippi mayoral candidate Linda Fondren has admitted to working as a prostitute 30 years ago.

She says her current husband was one of her clients; together they owned the Sagebrush Ranch brothel in Nevada until it was sold in 1992.

According to Fondren, she only became a working girl after a pregnancy at 14, and after her mother died from cancer.

She believes her past should not disqualify her from public office, and hopes her success will inspire others to turn their lives around.

From MS News Now:

“I knew it would surface because it was around. I just didn’t think it would surface and I would be sitting here doing an interview with you today,” Fondren said.

She said she isn’t proud of what she did, but she doesn’t have regrets.

“My story is exactly why I’m running for mayor because I want to give other people better choices than what I had,” Fondren said. “I want people to understand you can turn your life around. I turned my life around and so it definitely can happen for others as well.”


Fondren has long since moved on from her past life.

After settling in Vicksburg she earned national acclaim for her efforts to fight obesity.

She was named a CNN Hero in 2010 for her weight loss program.

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