Though he kept things fairly light on details and seems to walk back many core positions, Mitt Romney came out the clear winner of last night’s first presidential debate.

President Obama’s debate performance has been universally panned for lacking eloquence and passion, and for his hesitance to man a strong offense against his opponent.

Most agree that, at the very least, Romney seemed poised, prepared, and presidential throughout.

From the Huffington Post:

“Romney appeared more relaxed than Obama, who spent much of his time explaining policies he would likely rather be done selling by now. He hardly looked Romney in the eye during the debate.

There is one critical caveat, of course, in determining the winner of a debate: It’s difficult to know how the millions of voters, whose prisms are radically different than those of mainstream reporters, took in the debate. But, at minimum, Romney cleared the most critical bar, by appearing presidential.

Still, one issue continued to plague Romney: details. While he said he would end Obama programs, he was vague on how he would do so without eliminating a host of components he pledged to keep.”


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