President Obama to Give Farewell Address in Chicago

President Obama is on his way out of his second term. Now, he’s coming home to say goodbye.

On January 10th, President Obama will give a farewell address from Chicago to recount the successes of his administration and offer remarks regarding how the United States can move into the future. The President is set to give his remarks before Donald Trump takes office on January 20th, 2017. He will likely use this speech to restate his progressive vision for the United States.

Why I don’t want another Black president

In less than a month, the first Black president of the United States will complete his final term. Undoubtedly, these past eight years under President Barack Obama provided a very powerful sense of representation to Black people who have survived over four centuries of violent dispossession largely in society’s shadows. With Obama occupying the highest office in the land, Black folks were able to forge important symbols of Black love, Black family, Black resilience, and Black success from which no one in the world could turn away—until now. Under the coming President Trump, Black communities will certainly be pushed farther into the dark once again.

Trump Adviser wants President Obama ‘dead of mad cow disease’, Michelle Obama to ‘return to being a male’

**This post references extremely graphic materials which may be triggering. Topics: racism, sexism, death, bestiality, misgendering**


To say that the language coming out of the Donald Trump campaign this election season has been obscene, racist, and sexist is an understatement. It has reached every depth of disgusting that political language could possibly reach (*cough* “p-ssy grab” *cough*). Even Trump’s surrogates have taken up the language of their leader.

Carl Paladino, President-elect Trump’s New York co-chair and ex-Republican candidate for NY Governor, recently suggested Michelle Obama was actually a man who should live in Africa with gorillas and that he would like President Obama to die of mad cow disease after Valerie Jarrett dies of decapitation.

I’m not making this up.

Obama Concerned Black Vote Is ‘Not As Solid As It Needs To Be’

This election season has been particularly difficult for black voters. On one side we have Trump – no clarification needed – and on the other we have Hillary Clinton, who has her own history of dismissing black voices. Understandably, many of us feel that we’re stuck between a rock that intends to crush us and a hard place that doesn’t want to accommodate us.

Given that there’s less than a week before the election, you can already hear whispers of whose fault it’ll be if it doesn’t go the right way. In other words, concerns over black voter turnout are starting to make their rounds.

While appearing on “The Tom Joyner Morning Show” on Tuesday, President Barack Obama expressed that he feels the black vote is “not as solid as it needs to be,” according to Politico.

Barack Obama Claps Back At Donald Trump Tweet on ‘Kimmel’

Donald Trump’s late night tweet storms directed towards anyone he happened to disagree with are coming back to bite him a couple weeks before the election. Not only did the New York Times take out a two-page ad listing everyone he’s been critical of during the election, but those same people are starting to speak out – including  President Barack Obama.

Obama says Sexism Might Cost Clinton Voters. And Water is Wet.

President Obama has been touring the nation, campaigning with Democratic nominee for President, Hillary Clinton. On Sunday, while speaking at a fundraiser in New York City, President Obama said Clinton could lose some votes because some people have biases against women. In other news, water is wet and the sky is blue. Sexism is as is American as apple pie and racism–so why is it “news” that Obama recognized it in this election cycle?

President Obama Protects Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood

After nearly a year of contentious political discourse surrounding the funding of Planned Parenthood, President Obama has moved to guarantee funding for the organization, which provides reproductive health care at a low cost for men and women, including contraception, abortion care, cancer screenings and a plethora of other essential services. This is an important step by the Obama administration, demonstrating the essential role the organization plays in providing quality care at little to no cost to millions of Americans, especially lower-income women.

Why is it up to Black People to Save the United States?

President Obama spoke to the Congressional Black Caucus last week, making headlines when he told his audience that if African Americans did not turn out for Hillary Clinton, he would consider it a personal insult and an insult to his legacy. While President Obama is right to push people to participate, it is unsettling that he would hinge his legacy on the African American vote at such a time when people are losing hope in institutional politics, for good reasons. It begs the question: why are African Americans responsible for saving a nation that has chosen to elevate a blatantly racist and misogynist candidate?

How Much Can a Black President Really Do for Black People?

Diddy was the first rapper that influenced me to vote, even though I was too young I always appreciated a Black entertainer reaching out to me to tell me that my vote matters, and I very much recognized his Vote or Die campaign as outreach to young Black people.

In 2015, Diddy came out and said that voting is a “scam” and that our votes probably won’t change anything, followed by his comments earlier this week: that he expected Obama to do more for Black people in office. It sounds like Diddy has been receiving a strong dosage of political education and is now disappointed by the truth. This begs the question though: how much can a Black president really do for Black people?

Diddy Says Obama “Shortchanged” Black Voters

Diddy has a long history of taking voting very seriously. [Remember the whole “Vote or Die!” campaign?] So it was a matter of time before someone asked him about his opinion during this election. And the hip-hop mogul turned self-appointed representative of black voters failed to disappoint.

“My number one thing, to be honest, is black people — I feel like we put President Obama in the White House. When I look back, I just wanted more done for my people, because that’s the name of the game,” Sean “Diddy” Combs told Rev. Al Sharpton during an interview.