Karen Braithwaite, Harlem resident and mother to a four-year-old daughter, has started started a petition requesting that Barbie maker, Mattel do a better job of providing accessories and products for people of color.

Braithwaite was inspired to start the petition after she tried to give her daughter, Georgia, a black Barbie-themed party.

Although Mattel has an entire line of black Barbies, it seems that the doll featured on their party favors are all blonde and blue-eyed:
DNA Info:

Braithwaite is leading a group of 14 Harlem moms and more than 2,600 others who have signed a petition on Change.org calling for Mattel to provide more accessories that feature Barbies of color — and the company said it is considering doing so.

“It’s affirming of her self image and identity,” Braithwaite said of her daughter’s desire to play with black dolls.

“The message they are sending when they exclude black Barbies,” she added, referring to Mattel, “is that blonde hair and blue eyes are the ideal.”

The petition says the portrayal of women and girls of color in the media is a serious issue.

“Barbie represents a positive image of a confident young woman who is fashionable, who can be anything from a fairy, to a doctor, to an astronaut,” the petition says.

“Barbies of color represent all these things to young girls of color, and the Barbie theme is a very popular birthday party theme.”

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Do these moms have a point? Should Mattel work to rectify the problem?

Should we seek alternatives instead of looking for mainstream (toy) companies to represent the diversity of their consumers?

Sound off below!!!!