‘The Girl With All The Gifts’ and Black girls destroying the world to save themselves

*This post contains spoilers of “The Girl With All The Gifts”, “The Birth of a Nation”, and “Get Out”*

As someone who has studied and worked in film and television for most of my professional life, I have resigned myself to a set of facts: no film made for mass audiences is truly (or at least fully) an endorsement of Black liberation, and the ending to any film that claims to be such an endorsement will best reveal this truth.

Why We Should Celebrate #LoudBlackGirls

Last week, at the end of President Obama’s ABC town hall on policing, Erica Garner spoke up for herself.

“I was railroaded!” she exclaimed, complaining that she did not receive apt time to ask the President a question, which she had been promised by ABC. Ultimately, according to reports, President Obama noticed Garner and did have a conversation with her after the town hall. This incident sparked the trend #LoudBlackGirls on Twitter, with black women discussing the times they, and other important black women, spoke up for themselves or for others.

Officer Who Brutally Handled Young Girl At A Pool Party Will Not Be Indicted

The McKinney, Texas cop who tackled and assaulted a teenage black girl in a viral video last June will not be charged with a crime, citing a lack of evidence.

Despite the fact that thousands of people, near and far, bore witness to the officer’s unhinged cruelty to a young black girl, our broken justice system once again chooses not to act and signals that black women’s lives do not matter.

Black Girls Rock! Pushes Back Against Erasure Of Black Women On TV

It’s only March, but so far it’s been a good year for continuing the conversation of the representation of Black women in the media. For a quick recap, Mya Taylor was the first transgender woman to win a major award. Then, a misinformed and unwoke writer tried to come for #Blackgirlmagic, but no one was having it. We’re not even half way through the year and the celebration of Black women is in full swing, and in one week, the Black Girls Rock! Annual Awards Show returns with Tracee Ellis Ross as host.