Update 3/28/17: James Harris Jackson is now facing terrorism charges in addition to charges of murder as a hate crime and possession of a weapon.

“James Jackson prowled the streets of New York for three days in search of a black person to assassinate in order to launch a campaign of terrorism against our Manhattan community and the values we celebrate,”Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. said in a statement.

3/24/17: For whatever reason, the American public seems to have a problem with labeling attacks by white men on U.S. soil as what they are – terrorism. This is a struggle even when the attack in question is carried out by a white supremacist with a noted hate for marginalized people, namely Black people.

James Harris Jackson’s fatal attack on Timothy Caughman, who was a 66-year-old man committed to helping others, in his solo crusade against Black people is being called what it is – an act of terror – by New York prosecutors, according to WABC.

“The defendant was motivated purely by hatred,” said prosecutor Joan Iluzzi-Orbon. “Additional charges could include murder in the first degree, as this was most likely an act of terrorism.”

The decision to classify Jackson’s attack as an act of terrorism is surely connected to his manifesto found on his personal computer where he revealed that he held a personal grudge against Black people, Black men in particular. That’s why he travelled to New York City from Maryland and stabbed Caughman for nothing other than being a Black in public. Caughman was able to get himself to a nearby hospital where he later died from his injuries.

Jackson is a war veteran who served in Afghanistan and Germany until he was honorably discharged in 2012. He’s also a self-proclaimed member of a white supremacist group.

24 hours after the attack, Jackson turned himself in after seeing his face on the news. He chose to do so after considering attacking an interracial couple he saw on the street with two knives he had on his person.