Two teen boys have caused outrage in New Zealand after a Facebook group and video surfaced of them boasting about raping young girls.

The alleged offenses happened two years ago and were made public this week after local news outlets stumbled upon a Facebook site that slut-shamed girls the boys had allegedly attacked.

The culprits, calling themselves the “Roast Busters,” can be seen boasting on a number of websites including Twitter and

From CNN:

Her face and voice disguised, one of the alleged victims told 3 News: “I just kept blacking out ’cause I had drunken too much… You could say I got raped. I had sex with three guys at one time.”┬áIn a video posted to YouTube, two boys made no attempt to hide their faces as they told the camera: “We don’t choose the roast, the roast chooses us … They know what we’re like; they know what they’re in for.”

Prime Minister John Key described the boys’ comments as “extremely disturbing and disgusting” but appeared to sympathize with police who say they’re unable to file charges until one of the alleged victims makes a formal statement. And despite one of the girls appearing on TV, police say no one is willing as of yet to file a official complaint.

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Police have been actively monitoring the group since 2011. The group’s Facebook page appeared for the first time earlier this year, reappearing just a few weeks ago. The page has since been shut down.

Police say they’ve spoken with the boys, but they have not admitted anything that constitutes a criminal offense.

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