An apologetic Sam Hurd stood before a U.S. District Court judge on Wednesday, pleading for leniency for his role in drug trafficking. The government recommended a life sentence without parole for Hurd, but Judge Jorge A. Solis sentenced the former NFL receiver to 15 years in federal prison for his involvement in marijuana and cocaine trafficking.

From Sports Illustrated:

As Wednesday’s four-hour sentencing hearing drew to a close, Hurd wept as he stood next to defense counsel Michael McCrum and delivered a freewheeling and emotional speech in open court that lasted about 25 minutes…he offered an impassioned, impromptu explanation of his crimes, which included a meeting with an ICE informant and undercover ICE special agent in a Chicago steak house in December 2011, where Hurd was given a kilo of cocaine.

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Hurd referred to his life as a “train wreck” due to the bad decisions he made, and sites his marijuana addiction as a reason for his role in the drug game. Under federally-required guidelines, Hurd has to serve 85% of his sentence (13 years).

Thoughts on the sentencing?

What drives someone who is legitimately earning money to get involved in illegal activities? 

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