Another Patriot’s Player Won’t Visit White House With Team

As expected, Martellus Bennett was the first domino to fall in what could be an ongoing series during the Trump administration.

After winning the Super Bowl this past Sunday, Bennett told the press he wouldn’t join his teammates on the standard visit to the White House to meet and pose with the president. Defensive back Devin McCourty told TIME Magazine that he also wouldn’t be in attendance. 

NFL Players Meet With Congress To Discuss Police Brutality

Corey Jones was shot dead by a plain clothes police officer who didn’t identify himself or show a badge 13 months ago. That same officer was charged with manslaughter and attempted murder eight months later, according to ESPN. Since then, there are no updates on the case because it hasn’t gone to trial and no date is in sight.

Jones’ cousin, Anquan Boldin, who plays wide receiver for the Detroit Lions, is now working to mend the broken relationship between members of the black community and police officers. 

Seattle Seahawks “Demonstration” Fails To Pick A Side

Leading up to the opening kickoff of the new NFL season, which fell on the 15th anniversary of 9/11, members of the Seattle Seahawks started dropping hints that the team would have some sort of demonstration for the national anthem. Many members of the media assumed that they’d join in with the many others who are supporting Colin Kaepernick’s protest against social injustice and police brutality. It’s safe to say that was a premature assumption.

Players Are Changing The ‘Broke Former Pro Athlete’ Narrative

It’s a widely held perception that professional athletes peak early by earning millions of dollars before they reach the age of 30 just to lose most of it by the age of 40. But, maybe it’s time we start rewriting this narrative.

To be fair, there are multiple examples of former pros struggling to maintain the lifestyle of their glory days and having to sell their estates, championship rings and working jobs at Starbucks just to avoid going completely in the red. This is especially a problem in the NFL, where Sports Illustrated reported that 78 percent of players went bankrupt within two years of retiring as of 2009.

‘Concussion’ Tells the Truth about NFL Medical Neglect

by Lamont Lilly


Through a long history of medical examinations and scientific data, the film Concussion directly links repeated violent brain trauma of NFL worker-athletes to dementia, depression, memory loss, mental illness and even suicide.  The truth is all laid out here.  Yes!  It’s an ugly reality, and a bit uncomfortable for most football fans, but truth is, the National Football League (NFL) is a billion dollar industry that doesn’t a give a damn about its player-employees.