A lot of interracial couples who seem eager for attention on social media usually fall into two categories.


Nobody is checking for your Interracial Relationship

by JeCorey Holder

As another year washes over me in a haze of social instability and I spiritually prepare myself for the Saint Valentine’s Clearance Candy Harvest, the same thing inevitably happens. I notice an uptick of some of the most annoying interracial couples in the world aggressively projecting and ultimately displaying how badly some of them need to log off from social media.

Now before anyone feels Called Out™, Hear me out…

Folks may think I am painting with broad strokes. But darling, I am an artist. The brush I am using in this statement is a 0/15 detailer at BEST. If it don’t apply, let it fly.

Why Black LGBTQ+ people get upset when our most prominent people show up with white partners

I’m just saying a lot of interracial couples who seem eager for attention on social media usually fall into two categories: 

  1. They have this idea that an interracial partner is an upgrade to show off for clicks. They want an audience for this shit and it is embarrassingly obvious. Desperate, even. The ones who are trying to turn their relationship into something marketable.
  2.  BIPoC who will date outside of their race and do so with such maliciously gleeful vigor against their own kinfolk, it leaves me wondering just who the fuck hurt them. Whether or not their feelings are legit, some folks seem to be dating white people out of revenge. As if to get back at Black people for the crime of not living up to their standards and measurements of respectability.

I want people to be with who they want, and stop shitting on Black people when they do.

Just enjoy their Scandinavian fantasy and leave the rest of us out of it.

Growing up in an anti-Black family: A message for Black people who consider kids with white partners

This off-handed Race Play kink I keep seeing on my feed ain’t cute and I do not consent to being an audience.

I’m begging y’all to handle whatever trauma led you to this pattern of thinking, and have yourselves a happy, healthy, interracial relationship.