Step right up, New Yorkers.

Today and tomorrow, you will actually be invited to touch a black person’s hair without being side-eyed, cursed out, or worse.

An art exhibit will allow folks to finally satisfy the impulse to put their fingers in an afro or stroke a dreadlock or several:


An editorial site that focuses on the black hair experience, is exploring the touching phenomenon in an unconventional way. They are launching an interactive public exhibit called “You Can Touch My Hair,” which will take place today and on June 8th, 2013 from 2-4pm in New York City’s Union Square.


The exhibit is being touted as their effort to “take one for the team and explore the tactile fascination with black hair.” As part of the project, “strangers from all walks of life will have the welcomed opportunity to touch various textures of black hair” on live models.

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What do you think of this?

Is this fetishism at its finest? An innocuous “cross cultural” exchange?

Sound off below!!!!

Above image is from “Black Girl Long Hair”