Yep, Glenn Beck’s show on Fox News has officially been terminated, thanks to his own insane rantings and a big push by activists that hounded his advertisers to abandon him, most notably Color of Change.  Justifiably, he went out with a whimper, although not the customary Glenn Beck tear filled whimper. Yeah, he has some cable channel and I’m sure he’ll say something stupid enough to get media coverage, but he clearly jumped the shark with that lame rally. After that, people just got tired of his wild theories and chalkboard shenanigans. Think about it, he was “too radical” for Fox News, that pretty much says all you need to know.

Ironically enough Beck’s biggest conquest, Van Jones has reemerged, invigorated enough to challenge Beck to a debate (Beck declined). Van Jones kicked off the Rebuild the Dream movement last Thursday in NYC with the Roots. Always inspirational, Van went right at Beck’s media smears about his past and the lies generated by Fox News about the economy. I was there and it was indeed moving, I just wish it would have came 2 years sooner (and that the Roots played a little bit longer).

Now with Beck out of the way it will be interesting to see if Van Jones can help to take back the American dream from the right wingers currently holding it hostage with fear and falsehoods. I’m also curious if the movement he’s launching can move beyond him, to a real people’s party that doesn’t depend on one charismatic leader like….Van Jones.

At the height of the Glenn Beck/Van Jones controversy I released this video about the crucifixion of black men in the media, especially by Fox News. I got a feeling if Glenn Beck saw this he’d shed some sentimental tears.