Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is opposing a nomination for the nation’s first openly-gay male black federal judge.

William Thomas, a county judge in Florida is being denied the chance to make history by Rubio because he isn’t “tough enough on crime.”

From Think Progress:

In one case, Rubio says Thomas sentenced defendant Michele Traverso too leniently for a fatal hit-and-run of a bicyclist. Even the lead prosecutor in the case stood behind Thomas’ sentence of 22.6 months in prison followed by two years on house arrest, saying Thomas conducted himself with “compassion and careful judgment.” Police were not able to measure his blood alcohol level and so could not charge him with driving under the influence — only leaving the scene of an accident.

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Due to antiquated Senate rule, Rubio has the power to single-handed veto federal judicial nominees from his home state. The Center for American Progress has started a petition in hopes of pressuring Rubio.

Marco Rubio is known for his strong anti-abortion and traditional family platform.

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