Anthea Butler is an associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania. She’s quite famous for calling God a racist after the George Zimmerman verdict.

Now the instructor is making headlines for her views on why the government shutdown is happening. 

From Campus Reform:

The government shutdown is partly due to President Obama’s “race,” University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), Associate Professor Anthea Butler suggested in an angry Twitter tirade on Monday night.  The last government shutdown took place under the “fake black president Clinton” but now they have a “real black president to mess with,” tweeted Butler. “you’d have to be blind to think race does not play into this stupidity,” she continued, responding to a separate tweet that inferred the partisan climate was due to both Clinton and Obama being Democrats.

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Butler started her rant first by tweeting suggestions about what Republicans should focus on: [if ] “Republicans would quit trying to regulate vaginas they could practice governance.”

A spokesperson for the university says the school has no comments on Butler’s tweets.


Is Anthea Butler on the money?

What’s responsible for the government shutdown? GOP racism or political party differences?

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