The release of Black Panties has come with a deluge on non-album related publicity for R. Kelly. Just a few weeks ago, the #AskRKelly hashtag meant to allow fans to ask the singer questions became an opportunity for folks to make fun of or ask questions about the sexual abuse allegations that threatened Kelly’s career.

To add, the Village Voice posted an interview with music critic Jim DeRegatis, who revealed in great detail, the before and aftermath of Kelly’s trial. Now, Kevin Powell has started a petition asking for the boycotting of Kelly’s music until Kelly apologizes for his behavior.


We at BK NATION are calling on radio stations, video channels, music publications and websites, members of the entertainment industry, and men and women of all backgrounds to sign our petition COMPLETELY BOYCOTTING R. Kelly’s musical and artistic career until he is completely honest about who is, publicly apologizes for this behavior cited from many sources, gets extended counseling, and takes a very public stand and actions against sexual violence in any form.



The petition has since gone viral with more than 1,300 signatures appearing on the online document.

Will a boycott of R. Kelly’s music generate the change protestors want?


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