Last night, bonafide musical genius (and in my humble opinion, the greatest artist of all time) Prince announced a series of concerts, to be held sometime around the end of this year.

And anyone with even the slightest knowledge of this man’s onstage prowess, as well as the depth of his catalogue of music (fyi…it is ENDLESS), knows that a performance from Prince is a must-see event.

As with practically everything involving Prince, details on these shows are scarce, even though the man himself was on hand at a press conference last night to make the announcement. According to Rolling Stone, when asked details on the event, Prince responded, “I’ve got lots of hits,” and later, “bring footspray, cause it’s gonna get funky.”

Swag on infinity.

When asked for a start date for the tour, Prince’s lone reply was, “A Purple Day in December in the year 2010.”

Prince and Live Nation have dubbed these shows “Welcome 2 America,” essentially a “multi-night stand” in the New York area, featuring appearances by the likes of Janelle Monae, Sheila E., Graham Central Station and Esmeralda Spalding, to name a few.

Bottom Line: If you live on the East Coast, and you don’t hit this shit up, you better have a damn good excuse.

This will be amazing.