Prison inmates across the country have been going on strike against unfair labor practices that closely – or completely – resemble slavery. The movement has now reached a new level as guards at an Alabama prison joined in by not coming in for an entire shift.

The guards and inmates have also been protesting overcrowding, rehabilitation programs, a lack of proper education resources and the overall condition of the facilities. The movement surely picked up steam earlier this month when prisons across the country began to feel the brunt of it.

According to Jezebel, the inmates at the complete absence of third shift prison guards this past Saturday resulted in Assistant Commissioner Grantt Culliver himself having to serve food to inmates at the William C. Holman Correctional Facility in Atmore, Alabama.

“It’s official,” Kinetik Justice, an organizer who’s been serving time in Holman for two years, said in an audio recording. “At 6:00, no officers came to work. None came to work. None of the officers came to work. Deputy Commissioner Culliver passed me my tray. Every cell, he’s passing out the tray. No officers came to work. They completely bucked on the administration. No more will they be pawns in the game. Nighttime is going down.”

The recent development came after inmates at Holman have held multiple protests, including a 24 hour period where inmates didn’t report for their assigned duties in early September and a 10-day strike in May.

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons