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Racism can have many unseen consequences. One study shows that sound and restful sleep may be a casualty of experiencing with racism on a daily basis.

From QZ:

Recent research has shown that unequal treatment of black people by civilians in daily life, also known as everyday discrimination, affects biology in ways that have small but cumulative negative effects. Discrimination affects biological processes such as stress hormones and sleep, which are important for health and daily performance.

Everyday experiences of discrimination (such as being treated with less respect or receiving poorer service) are common and affect black people in the US more frequently than white people. In national data (paywall) comparing perceptions of discrimination by black and white people, 24.8% of black people believe themselves to “often” be the target of everyday discrimination, compared to only 3.4% of white people. By contrast, 44.1% of white people say they are “never” the target of everyday discrimination, whereas only 8.8% of black people claim never to be discriminated against in daily life.
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Photo: Cyberex/Flickr