A Rand Paul staffer is making headlines for expressing support for Abraham Lincoln’s assassin, among other very inflammatory sentiments.

Jack Hunter is a member of Senator Paul’s staff; specifically the director of new media and a co-writer of Paul’s book Tea Party Goes to Washington.

Besides claiming to give a toast to John Wilkes Booth every May 10th, Hunter repeatedly wore a confederate flag to events, and called diversity a code word for “not white.”

From the Grio:

Hunter took to his website, SouthernAvenger.com, to release a statement in response to the recent stories, saying the “article that brought my not-very-hidden radio pundit background to light does not accurately reflect me or my full, or true, views.”

In his statement, Hunter said that he is “embarrassed by some of the comments I made precisely because they do not represent me today.”

He links to other pieces he has written when he said, “I have also written columns over the years promoting African-American history and politics, and many other writings that tell a far different story than what the headlines portray today.”

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