According to a report by GQ’s Marc Ambinder, President Obama plans to scale back America’s decades-long and highly controversial War on Drugs in his second term.

Sources say the President wants to seriously consider measures that will reform our drug laws, as well as make it easier for drug offenders to reenter society.

However, many advocates for drug policy reform say the Obama Administration has been very disappointing on these issues, and remain skeptical of such reports.

From the Huffington Post:

“Some members of the drug policy reform community are meeting reports of a potential drug war retreat with skepticism.

‘Obama — as candidate and as president — and his drug czar have already repeatedly talked about scaling back the war on drugs. But it’s been all talk,’ Tom Angell, spokesman for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, said. ‘Drug Czar Kerlikowske, in his very first interview with the Wall Street Journal after taking office, declared the end of the ‘war on drugs’ terminology. He has repeatedly said that this is a health and not just a crime issue. But the problem is: the drug control budget still overwhelmingly devotes more resources to old, failed punishment strategies than effective treatment and prevention strategies. The rhetoric doesn’t match the reality.'”


Do you think the War on Drugs should be scaled back?

Are these reports promising, or just talk?

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