According to a recent report released by Affinity 95, transgender people and people of color are more likely to be victim of hate crimes, especially homicides.

The report, “Violence Against Gender Non-Conforming People,” was released Tuesday. 

From Affinity 95:

In a three year span, 83 LGBTQ people were killed by a hate crime: 30 in  2011, 25 in 2012 and 18 in 20133, 4. This number is devastating on its own, but has a disproportionate negative effect on transgender people and people of color. In 2011 and 2012, people of color accounted for 87% and 73% of homicide victims, respectively3, 5. In 2013, this trend became even more apparent: 89% of all homicide victims were people of color, and a full 78% were Black or African American. Seventy-two percent were transgender women.


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Violence against LGBTQ people, especially those who do not conform to a specific gender, is one of the most urgent problems facing members of the community.

A 2012 report released by the FBI revealed that 1,376 people were targeted due to their sexual orientation.

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What’s the key to putting an end to such violence? Does the answer lie in making others aware?

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