Richard Spencer made headlines recently as portions of his speech to a room full of white nationalist supporters giving Nazi salutes was made public. To explain his side of those actions and many more of the controversial stances the white nationalist group has taken, he sat down for a televised interview with NewsOne’s Roland Martin. 

During the half-hour discussion, the two discussed affirmative action, the use of Nazi salutes in a contemporary political organization and whether or not Egypt is a part of Africa. (Seriously).

“It doesn’t surprise me at all that Whites succeed,” said Spencer after Martin pressed him on affirmative action. “We have succeeded throughout the centuries, we are people of great genius and ambition, so none of that surprises me. In terms of looking at all of these CEOs – a lot of these are older people, they’re from a generation that comes from a very different population. What I’m worried about right now is our younger people. These institutions are actively, explicitly trying to discriminate against them in terms of hiring.”

Watch the full video below.

Photo Credit: Facebook