The mayor of San Juan is back in the national headlines this week, this time calling for an end the colonial status of Puerto Rico in an interview with Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman. Now a full five months after the devastation Hurricane Maria wreaked across the island nation of Puerto Rico, much of the country is still without power. In addition, food and water has been extremely slow to arrive as the United States federal government gave away bad contract after bad contract in what could be said to be a show of utter disregard and complete contempt for the people of Puerto Rico.

In the interview, Cruz briefly describes the history of US engagement with Puerto Rico as a staging ground, discussing how the US Navy used the island of Vieques to test bombs. She also reminds us that just because FEMA approved some 4.9 billion dollars between November and December, it does not mean that Puerto Rico has received the money.

Cruz plainly states that they have not gotten the money, even though Governor Rossello has been trying to get the American government to follow through on its end of the deal.

The full interview is embedded below: