Chicago sues federal government for targeting sanctuary cities

Many of the Trump administration’s values directly contradict those of the country’s largest cities. While Trump is strongly against the immigration of undocumented citizens, cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles and even Atlanta have taken on the approach of being “welcoming” to them. This separation has now led to legal action.

Chicago has become the first city to file a lawsuit against the federal government over what it feels is unfair punishment for being a “sanctuary city” where all citizens, including the undocumented, can feel safer.


How the Trump White House is actively subverting the free and fair press

How can public citizens get a glimpse of White House decision-making and policy without a free press? Short answer: they can’t.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders have only held 5 daily briefings (out of 15) on camera in the month of June. This is an apparent effort to numb the general public about the intents and efforts of the Trump Administration. 


What you need to know about Trump’s proposed $9 billion budget slashes to public education

This week, the Trump Administration released its budget, which includes $9 billion cuts to the Department of Education. The budget seeks to eliminate subsidized student loans, public service loan forgiveness, and many other programs that help millions of students afford higher education and succeed in school. These proposed changed are extremely harmful to public education as we know it today.

Washington State University President Starts Investigation Into Racist Video

A video taken at a Trump rally in October offers a glimpse into what the environment there is like. As if anyone had to guess, the video features the blatant racism and disrespect that’s become synonymous with President Trump. To help combat this growing culture of bigotry, the president of Washington State University, where the video was recorded, has launched an investigation into where it came from, according to The Spokesman-Review