What you need to know about Trump’s proposed $9 billion budget slashes to public education

This week, the Trump Administration released its budget, which includes $9 billion cuts to the Department of Education. The budget seeks to eliminate subsidized student loans, public service loan forgiveness, and many other programs that help millions of students afford higher education and succeed in school. These proposed changed are extremely harmful to public education as we know it today.

Washington State University President Starts Investigation Into Racist Video

A video taken at a Trump rally in October offers a glimpse into what the environment there is like. As if anyone had to guess, the video features the blatant racism and disrespect that’s become synonymous with President Trump. To help combat this growing culture of bigotry, the president of Washington State University, where the video was recorded, has launched an investigation into where it came from, according to The Spokesman-Review

Trump to Sign Executive Order Cutting Climate Regulations

Today, Donald Trump will sign an executive order at the Environmental Protections Agency cutting Obama-era regulations enforced by the government.

The Trump administration claims that protecting American jobs is more important than protecting the environment, and will roll back policies that prevent coal mining on federal lands. It will also mandate that the federal government conduct a review the Clean Power Plan Initiative (which caps power plant emissions), and identify rules that are “impediments to American energy independence.”

Kaepernick Donates $50,000 To Meals On Wheels, Undermines Trump Budget Cuts

Following a series of proposed budget cuts, many fear that President Trump could be taking money away from Meals on Wheels, which helps bring food to senior citizens across the country, many of whom would not have quality food otherwise. To help keep this from happening, Colin Kaepernick donated $50,000 to the program, according to The New York Daily News.